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Engine e-Commerce closes a significant funding round and Food Loops recognized as “Innovator of the Year”.

I’m hopeful that Engine will provide further proof that a world-class tech company can indeed be built in Northwest Arkansas, and that additional early-stage investment capital will flood into the area.

John James

Did you know that John James, co-founder and CEO of Engine, has raised over 100 million of venture capital in his career? Did you know that when his previous company raised a $93 million round of capital — still one of the largest e-commerce fundings in history — they didn’t even issue a press release?

Crazy, right? In addition to these factoids, we were excited to read the announcement that John’s newest company, Engine, recently closed on a $4 million round of funding that will help them power the next generation of direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands. Check out the full announcement below.

We are pleased that our process is bringing an awareness to leading technology companies in our region and beyond regarding a viable solution to the food waste problem. A problem clearly not limited to this area alone.

Tom Rohr

Addressing food waste automatically places you in the herculean task category. Food Loops, a food waste solutions company, was selected as the recipient of this year’s Northwest Arkansas Technology Council’s Innovator of the Year award for their efforts to process food waste into sustainable fertilizers. The herculean task ahead starts with substantially reducing the 80,000 tons of food waste that fills up the Northwest Arkansas area landfill each year.

Food Loops exists to fill the missing link of converting food waste into organic fertilizer to in turn be used to produce additional crops. Hence the name—Food Loops. Nothing Wasted. Learn more about this startup, still in their first year of operation, below.